Explore the authentic
tastes of our award-
winning Culinary Folk
Art – our dedication
to the roots of
Texas cuisine.
At Texas Traditions, we have a clear understanding and a strong sense of the importance of preserving and passing on our culinary heritage. Because of this and because the time was right, Texas Traditions was gifted to the Culinary Heritage Institute (CHI), Nov 16, 2011, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving our culinary past while promoting our culinary future. There is a need for preservationists’ commitment to ensuring our culinary heritage - the ingredients, the recipes, the methods, and the traditions that make up our rich legacy - is kept alive. Texas Traditions award-winning products and outstanding customer service will not change. Now when you purchase these regional cultural heritage products, all proceeds will support CHI's educational and outreach activities.

Gathering around the family table on a regular basis and preserving old family recipes are pieces of our Texas culinary heritage that are rapidly dying away. We challenge the preservationist in you to reclaim that important and empowering piece of our history.

— Dianna Howard, Founder, Texas Traditions and Culinary Heritage Institute Inc.

Actively preserving Texas’ culinary heritage and traditional family gatherings at the table is at the heart of Texas Traditions products. Our passion for Texas food lore is inspired by our commitment to placing family first, so every product is handcrafted from age-old family recipes using all-natural ingredients. We invite you to share our heritage as you enjoy Texas Traditions at your family table.

Explore the authentic tastes of our award-winning Culinary Folk Art – our dedication to the roots of Texas cuisine. It’s a legacy born of simpler times, when family and friends gathered around the table every day and enjoyed the tastes and textures of the Texas countryside. Texas’ diverse history includes 26 ethnic groups. These varied cultures, combined with the need to adapt available ingredients to Texans’ taste, have influenced Texas culinary heritage.

No matter what food you prepare, Texas Traditions jellies, mustards, dip mixes, and seasonings will add a timeless taste to your family traditions.Whether you are an accomplished cook or have an innate sense of how well-prepared food should taste, we feel certain you and others will enjoy including Texas Traditions in your repertoire of fine foods. Create your very own Texas Gift Basket of culinary heritage.

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