Texas Traditions
Mustards give tangy
inspiration to
recipes with their
feverishly delicious
taste. Be bold, build
a Texas gift basket!
Country Style German Mustard
A sublty robust German mustard
$7.50 Item No. 303 Add to Basket

Jalapeño Pepper Mustard
Sassy and savory!
$7.50 Item No. 302 Add to Basket

Black Peppercorn Mustard
The bouquet of sun-dried, Malabar black
peppercorns in this creamy, sharp mustard.

$7.50 Item No. 304 Add to Basket

Mesquite Smoke Mustard
Hearty gusto in this grainy, stone-ground mustard.
$7.50 Item No. 301 Add to Basket
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