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WHO: Dianna Howard, culinarian, preservationist, owner of Texas Traditions Culinary Folk Art, and founder of the Texas Culinary Heritage Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit.
WHEN: May 1st through May 3rd 2008;
Howard's presentation "A Bite of Culinary Tourism” is on Saturday, May 3 at 10:15 am.
WHERE: Corpus Christi, Texas
WHAT: Howard will speak about the historical preservation of Texas' food cultures, traditions, and culinary tourism at the Texas Historical Commission's annual conference.

Texas Historical Commission Develops a "Taste" for
Culinary History

The Texas Historical Commission Invites First-Ever Culinary Historian and Preservationist, Dianna Howard, to Speak at their 2008 Annual Historic Preservation Convention.

Georgetown, Texas, April 16, 2008 - The Texas Historical Commission has long been the state's leader in documenting and preserving many facets of our cultures and history.

But up until this year, one cross-section had been missing: food.
" When people think of history they tend to overlook food," says Dianna Howard, culinarian and preservationist, "But food is an integral part of our culture and our past.

Recording our culinary past and finding unique ways to reinvigorate those traditions so they resonate with new generations - well, it's one of the most important missions we can undertake."

The commission invited Howard to speak at their upcoming Annual Historic Preservation Conference taking place Corpus Christi, May 1 through 3, 2008. Howard will join Ernie Loeffler, director of the Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor's Bureau in a presentation that emphasizes the importance of culinary history and its impact on successful culinary tourism.

"Identifying, documenting, and safekeeping the ingredients, methods, and stories of our communities' food traditions is an essential step in recording history," says Howard. "It's no coincidence that most communities' fairs and ceremonies revolve around food: There's the Luling Watermelon Thump, the Poteet Strawberry Festival, and New Braunfels' Wurstfest, just to name a few. Food is at the heart of every thriving community, and we can build on those traditions to strengthen the community's tourism potential and livelihood - not to mention building stronger families"

ABOUT THE TEXAS HISTORICAL COMMISSION - The Texas Historical Commission (THC) is the state agency for historic preservation. THC staff consults with citizens and organizations to preserve Texas' architectural, archeological and cultural landmarks. The agency is recognized nationally for its preservation programs.

ABOUT TEXAS TRADITIONS CULINARY FOLK ART-At Texas Traditions, we are committed to preserving our culinary heritage - the ingredients, recipes, methods, and traditions - for future generations. Our jellies, mustards, seasonings, and dip mixes have won critical acclaim nation wide and can be purchased individually or in a variety of elegant gift parcels. Texas Traditions' gourmet culinary products are available by phone at 800-547-7062, online at, and in numerous retail outlets across the United States.

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